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ProfitTrailer Feeder (PTFeeder) 

We trail the trends!

PT-Feeder (PTF) or PTFeeder is an add-on software that works with ProfitTrailer, one of the best crypto trading bots.

You can use up to 4 API with 1 license of PT-Feeder

Some of the things PT Feeder does

  • Auto switch between different market configurations according to your settings and the current market trends
  • Detect optimal trailing buy and sell per coin based on market situation
  • Adjust most configurations per pair automatically based on market situation
  • Dynamic generation of all properties files for Profit Trailer.

Examples of what can be done

  • If BTC rises by 5%, then lower my buy value by 50%.
  • If a coin has been dropping in price for the last 2 hours, then increase my trailing buy by 10%.
  • If the volume of a coin is less than 500 BTC, then lower my cost per trade by 20%.
  • If the price of a coin is less than 0.005%, then lower my trailing profit by 15%.
  • If the average price change of the top 30 coins have dropped in the last 12 hours, then don't enabled DCA for any coin.
  • If the BTC drops by 10%, then increase my max pairs by 30%.

And yes, you can set PTF to watch for all of the above and more.

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